Where have all the Geniuses gone??

We start off bitching about the world’s “geniuses” (or lack thereof) for a bit, to springboard the conversation into Power, the fractal nature of time, The Singularity, & Ray Kurzweil’s claims, the power of structure and culture in shaping our world, the bright sides of the End of the World.

We trace a brief history of how these issue played out through the 20th century, and then wrap up with a bit of tech talk.

These Globals Structures these days…

After a very quick reminiscence we wonder if kids today are safer or if parents are just crazier, which helps us uncover the root of what’s wrong with everyone today.

After solving that conundrum we take on the Global Banking System, Bitcoin, and Capitalism, then get into how society, the human brain, and the Dark Web works.

Then in typical fashion we wrap up by circling back around to the themes of extremes vs nuance we started the conversation with.


Are we Professional Podcasters Yet???

We blabbed a bit about nothing while we got up to speed, then got into bitcoin, oppressive government systems vs vulnerabilities of anarchy to corporate actors, and get into some crazy (at the time) accusations of mind control being perpetrated by the criminal leaders of Facebook and big tech in general in their attempt to destroy our governments and take control of all our lives, before wondering how it would all play out globally should our civilization collapse in the future, and the possibility of it all having happened beforeā€¦

The History of Humanity & the Future of VR, mostly..

We start out talking about brain health and natural cycles, organic brains versus “AI”, veered off into VR and Silicon Valley for a while, get into Game Theory basics, muse a bit about 3D printing, then circle back around to close the loop back to organic/natural versus machines/digital.